About Us

Light in the Dark Paranormal is a paranormal investigatory group specializing in allegedly haunted residences and commercial buildings, with a special focus on such places that are or recently were for sale. Our group also investigates ghost towns and old mining sites in the Rocky Mountains of the West. Co-founder Paul Hill is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado, but your place does not have to be for sale for us to come out and take a look!

Our team is made up mostly of individuals who are “sensitives.” A sensitive can be defined as someone who subconsciously uses his or her brain to receive and process signals that most people don’t perceive or don’t remember through their normal senses. In other words, the sensitive will notice what many others do not. The “what” can be vibrations, visual images, sound, fear, hormonal rush, telepathic communication, or any of a host of other things that paranormal events can generate. The ability to perceive these things is also referred to as intuition, clairvoyance, or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). The ability to communicate with paranormal entities is very important for us.

Our modus operandi is simple: we first interview the owner and any other eyewitnesses with stories to tell. Next, we travel to the event site and establish baseline readings and feelings by touring the entire property, not just the known “hotspots.” We pay attention to our innermost feelings and intuitions as well as the readings on our measuring devices. Then we try and debunk any anomalous information. If it appears to be paranormal, we try and establish communication using any known historical facts (names, dates, events, etc.) we would have researched before we arrived.

When we are done anywhere from 4 to 8 hours later, we return to our office to analyze what we found out. A written report is then sent or personally presented to the owner of the property. We will say if we think the property did not present enough evidence to be called paranormal. But if we have the data, we have no problem with saying that a site is haunted.

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