How Can We Get Rid of Ghosts?

Getting rid of ghosts sounds like pest control. A better question might be should we get rid of ghosts? One answer is no... ill-conceived or incompetent attempts to do so might only enhance the unwanted activity. Another more important no is that ghosts may exist at a site in order to protect a surviving family member from danger, or perhaps to correct an unrighted wrong.

One of the mistakes some investigators make is the misidentification of a ghost, or a misunderstanding of why they are there. If a ghost seeks to find out why they were a victim of foul play, or to protect a mortal from the same fate, who are we to argue with their reason for existence?

Other investigators work from a religious point of view, and feel it is their spiritual duty to get the ghost to move “into the light.” My opinion is that its a bit presumptuous to think that a ghost is merely “stuck” in its present position, and with the right “push” will happily move on to the next level. I do not think we should be in the business of saving souls. We should leave that to the clergy, who can be and often are called in to help clear more serious situations. On the other hand, it is our duty to research and identify the people who lived at the site and the circumstances of their passing. Often the revelation of those facts is enough to get the ghosts to move on all by themselves.

There are some justifications for encouraging a ghost to pack it up. The most significant one is when the ghost is exhibiting malevolent behavior, or is actually causing harm to someone else. Yes, evil ghosts can arise from evil people. Then the offending party has to be removed by any means necessary.

Another less serious circumstance is when a home owner is trying to sell, and wants to do it without ghosts included. Another may be where the living occupants are tired of hearing phantom footsteps in the hallway every night, and need some sleep!

Get rid of the ghosts? Maybe. Some recommend that we tell the ghost in a loud and clear voice:
Go Away! We don't want you here. That may work. But sometimes what is really needed is communication between the living and their counterparts. Then no one has to force anybody into anything.

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