Paul Hill

Paul Hill
is the co-founder of LIDP, and when he's not chasing ghosts, he is practicing real estate as a licensed broker in Colorado. With over 30 years of business experience and a degree in experimental psychology and minor in the sociology of science, he has both a knowledge of the scientific method and a no-nonsense approach to investigations. But while a healthy skeptic until shown otherwise, Paul is also a "sensitive" who knows the value of of intuition and extra-sensory perception (ESP) in this pursuit. Most importantly, he won't tell you what you want to hear unless its true.

Adrian Hill

Adrian Hill, co-founder/lead investigator and Paul's wife of many wonderful years whose educational background is in art and a veteran of the health insurance industry. She is also a sensitive, and has no problem with telling her husband "no" when he's wrong! Adrian became a "believer" in paranormal phenomena after personal experiences in many different situations. She is also a survivor of a serious illness, which has given her a different perspective on life and death.

Louise Boche

Louise Bosche, co-founder/lead investigator is a civil engineering technician for a major city in Colorado, and benefits from her knowledge of buildings and their design while investigating. She too is a sensitive, with many years experience having “the other side contact her” and specializes in speaking to unknown entities in a way they can't resist. The EVP's she solicits are truly astounding!

Terry Milsom

Terry Milsom, co-founder and Tech Manager while he's not busy running a truck rental franchise, is fond of researching and buying tools of all kinds to assist us. But he also has a talent for snapping great photos of ghosts with any one of the many cameras he brings to our investigations. Though a hardware aficionado, Terry is developing his "softer" side hanging around all us sensitives!

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